Ronilo Nhil Banda graduated summa cum laude at Brigham Young University—Hawaii with a degree in Communications and Humanities, a minor in Theater, and certificates in Graphic Design and Strategic Communication. As a student, he worked as a Graphic Designer at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii, and was an integral part in creating vintage Hawaiian-themed signs and posters for the then-newly established Hukilau Marketplace.

A day after graduation, he flew to West Palm Beach, Florida and immediately worked as a Marketing and Design Intern for a local start-up company, Bass Egg. After finishing his internship, he was offered a Web Design job for a marketing agency, LoSoMo Inc., adding a whole new dimension of creative work to his folio.

Nhil fell in love with Performing Arts when he was young and thought he would grow old acting, dancing and singing on stage. However, during his one-week stay in New York City in 2014, he was able to visit several advertising agencies and was greatly amazed by the work that they do. He soon realized that he wanted to work in a creative environment and focus on visual identities and brand communication. This realization made him decide to take art classes, allowing his creative skills in digital art to bloom.
Aside from his passion in advertising and creative marketing, he also enjoys photography—especially portrait and editorial fashion photography. Someday, he wishes to dominate the fashion industry with his outrageous and stunning photos and designs.
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